The Fire-Starter

The world is in need of more people who can face their fears with courage. As a Master fire-walk instructor, I’ve been running this breakthrough experience for well over ten years and have seen the fire ignite incredible courage in people. Fire-walking is one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools. Almost every culture worldwide is known to have made effective use of fire-walking to empower, heal and purify, as well as to encourage a change.

Next public Fire Walk program: Saturday, 3rd February 2018

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Carol the Fire-Starter

Research proves that your reality is built on your already existing store of memories, emotions and associations. In fact, 95% of who you are is already set by the age of 35 in terms of your behaviour, responses, reactions, emotions.

If you perceive only what you know, how do you ever perceive anything new? The answer is in creating ‘blow your mind,’ ‘rock your world’ kind of experiences…and that’s the reason that Carol regularly runs fire-walks and other breakthrough events. These events shift people from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’ really quickly. By expanding your paradigm, you add new options to the list your brain carries around and so these events and experiences create new neural pathways… rapidly!

You can probably guess the amazing impact that you have had on our team but internally everyone has been shocked by how positive and deep the impact of this event on the business thinking has been.” Masoud Golshani, Aujan Industries The fire-walk serves as an unforgettable demonstration of human potential, courage, and as a lesson in transforming fear into positive energy as welling creating some very powerful and resourceful states!

Breakthrough Experiences

Fired UP!
Arrow Break
Board Break
Say it Right!

Fired UP!

There are times when life offers you a square centimetre of chance. And if you take that square centimetre of chance, your life will be transformed!

Fire-walking is one of the oldest transformational tools the world has ever known. In every culture around the world, people have used fire-walking as a means of empowerment, healing and purifying their communities and themselves. It serves as an unforgettable demonstration of human potential, as a lesson in transforming fear into positive energy, and as a way to deeply connect with the living consciousness of this earth.

Our focus influences a greater reality, and the fire-walk is a method we can practice that teaches us both focus and influence. If you are ready to achieve your goals, to have a greater sense of self worth and to unleash your unlimited potential, Fired UP! will speed up your journey towards transformation while stimulating greater resourcefulness and creativity.

“Most mind blowing thing I’ve ever done!” Haleh Janani Fired UP! is a 2 – 4 hour evening workshop and a unique opportunity to experience the powerful Firewalk Ritual and discover our human potential. After building and lighting a large wood fire, we explore and discover how our focus influences our inner and outer world, while learning to transform limiting beliefs and fears. Those who choose can then ‘fire up’ and walk the coals! The evening is always a powerful experience!

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Arrow Break

  • The Arrow Break is the practice of placing the point of a 28 inch long wooden arrow in the notch of your throat and then mastering your focus to first bend then entirely snap the shaft of the arrow in half – without any injury to yourself in the process!

    Simply put, the Arrow Break is an action metaphor for breaking through our own limiting beliefs. It is far more than an event that is just about teaching you to break through arrows.

    It’s an incredible opportunity to challenge and change limiting beliefs and fears and to create some very powerful and resourceful emotional states within yourself, so that you can consistently access these states anytime, anyplace and anywhere!

Board Break

Focus, power, strength and speed!

Imagine breaking through EVERYTHING that is holding you back!

The Board Break is an action metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs – literally! It’s about breaking through a solid block of 1 inch thick wood with your bare hands! Traditionally, breaking through a wood board would require years of training in martial arts.

Using modeling techniques, you will learn to turn challenges into opportunities and condition your mind with positive expectations. The board break is also a great way to practice focus, concentration, power, speed, precision and determination to do what needs to be done without fear.

Re-bar Bend

The power of connection! Breakthrough with slow, focused energy and raise the bar about what is possible!

Utilizing an outer obstacle as a symbol for the inner obstacles, delegates will be shown how to access their personal power and energy, how to generate this power and channel it to move through limitation, transforming the previous limitation into a tangible success.

By placing a 6 foot length of steel reinforcement bar (rebar) between two people, at a place on the body normally thought of as extremely vulnerable, we will harness the fear and create power. (The rebar is generally used as a concrete reinforcement for buildings; it is a strong and solid bar of steel) Delegates partner up and through a series of exercises, connect, build trust and work together… and finally bend the rebar. Truly an astonishing and empowering feat to both witness and achieve!

The rebar bend is an action metaphor for breaking through our own limiting beliefs. It teaches commitment, cooperation, team-work, following through and how to effectively channel one’s own creative power for lasting results.

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