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As a seeker, searcher, learner and explorer, Carol’s books invite you to expand your awareness, your consciousness, your heart and your mind to step into a fuller focus of who YOU are, and an opportunity to move in a direction that maybe you’ve not gone before.

YOU the Divine Genius

If you want to get good at any subject, you study that subject in depth. So the better you know yourself the better you are equipped to handle life’s challenges and adventures.

YOU the Divine Genius is about YOU… and if you want to understand the enormity of your capabilities, potential and who you really are, then this first book in the series is an introduction to YOU and how you function in this space, time, dimension and reality. YOU can create opportunities to ignite and engage in the evolution of a different perspective for yourself and those around you; to step into a fuller focus of who you are! And what you’ll discover is that when you shatter your beliefs about reality and realize who you truly are, YOU can step into a new way of being that leads to infinite expansion.

Why do you experience the world the way you do?
Why do others experience the world so differently?
What is reality?
How do you create YOUR reality?

Breaking Through

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a brick wall, a roadblock or barrier? Are you tired of going around in circles? Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I knew what I wanted,” “What should I do next?” or “Why is this happening to me?”

You already have all the resources within you to be successful.

Carol Talbot shows you how to tap into your creativity and find new ways forward and deal with life in more effective ways. BREAKING THROUGH is full of useful techniques that will help you discover how to:

  • Create space for new opportunities
  • Ask yourself the right questions
  • Choose your own reality
  • Find your hot buttons to success
  • Break-through your ‘wall’, get what you really want in life

Whatever your block or barrier or brick wall, BREAKING THROUGH offers you three simple techniques to break through that barrier so YOU can find your way forward. It’s your journey, It’s your choice of the way through. And you can choose the perfect way for you

When Carol speaks
people listen

YOU the Divine Genius is a must-read because it will change how you think about yourself, about reality, and about your presence in the world. Carol writes on profound topics in an easy-to-understand style that is both inspiring and thought provoking. I highly recommend it

Jack Canfield,
Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles

Empowering and enthralling; this book is pure genius! There are personal development books, and there are business books.
YOU the Divine Genius bridges the gap and bring the best of both worlds to mindful leaders who are looking to unleash untapped resources in their organization.

Nabil Doss
Expert in Influential Communication, President of the Global Speakers Federation

Carol’s must read book is written in the engaging way that Carol speaks; compelling and ever so relevant as we strive to live a life that is kind, loving, creative and valuable. If I didn’t truly get it before, Carol has ensure that I get it now.

Susan Furness,
Facilitator in Spiritual Intelligence, Edge walking & Integral Professional Development

Audio Programs

A selection of audio programs offers you the opportunity to listen and learn! Discover how to set your internal compass, develop the skills of rapport so you can connect with others effortlessly or easily or learn more about NLP, the user manual for your mind.

Guided Inductions

Whether it’s a guided visualization to help you relax, a self-esteem booster, heart-opening meditation or a hypnotic induction to create more abundance in your life, enjoy listening to Carol’s audio programs